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About us
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At this page you will find some things we like a lot and other things we live for.

 Music is one of the wonderful things in our Life we love a lot!  Rivka, my Wife, is a excellent singer.

 Here are some composers you hear almost every Day in our Home:    

 Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Paganini...........and a lot of Rock 'n Roll :)


An other thing is Art: One of the Great Genius on Earth was Leonardo Da Vinci.

He inspired me pretty much with hes Flyingmachine-paintings and other stuff.

Leonardo was a left-hander like me and it's hard to read hes handwritings,

same with my handwriting......smile!


 One lovely thing we like to do is having a glass of wine and just relax !!!

 hey....I know all this stuff sounds pretty conservative but......belive me....we are not conservative at all !!!

We both took already the crazy Train in our Life.....but we bailed off...!    Praise God !!!